LEMON Technosoft recognizes the unique and growing role of a proliferation of Geospatial Technology. LEMON Technosoft will offer presentations and opportunities for collaboration across disciplines as Geospatial technology has applications in every content area.

      The Geospatial Education Initiative core goals to transform geospatial education through innovating existing curriculum, developing new course, which includes literature, power point presentation, exercise, Field visit. The objective of the initiative is to create awareness and promote education, research and activities in Geospatial Science & Applications all over the world.

      For educational institutions, Open Geospatial Science & Applications is especially important as it helps in empowerment of staff and students, capacity building, create openness in Geo Education for developing creative and open minds in students which is important for building open innovation and contributes to building up Open Knowledge for the benefit of the whole society and for our future generations. We look forward to working with you all for making geospatial education, software and opportunities accessible to all and user friendly.

Education is the essence for a meaningful growth of a nation. There has been tremendous growth in the area of imparting Geospatial science and education. It is the urgent demand of the hour to emphasize on Geospatial education right from higher secondary school level and motivate the capacity building endeavours in India. The ambit of Geospatial education has been very well accepted in the world and sees no bounds. In spite of the technical nature of the subject, it has universal applicability in almost all walks of life.

To realize the concept of smart cities, Geospatial technology can play a major role. Capacity building of Geospatial education can start realizing the innumerable contributions made by space and geospatial technologies in their day-to-day life. This effort both at school and college level would help in not only enhancing job opportunities for young generation but also utilizing the untapped human resource potential. In the era of smart cities, higher economic growth and aspirations for a better tomorrow,.

Keeping in mind the growing demand for trained professionals and importance of disseminating knowledge in Geospatial technologies and applications, LEMON TECHNOSOFT took initiative to bring this technology not only in school level but corporate level also.

‘Disaster’ is defined as a crisis situation causing wide spread damage which far exceeds our ability to recover. Thus, by definition, there cannot be a perfect ideal system that prevents damage, because then it would not be a disaster. It has to suffocate our ability to recover. Only then it can be called as ‘disaster’. Disasters are not totally discrete events. Their possibility of occurrence, time, place and severity of the strike can be reasonably and in some cases accurately predicted by technological and scientific advances. It has been established there is a definite pattern in their occurrences and hence we can to some extent reduce the impact of damage though we cannot reduce the extent of damage itself.